Medieval Magic: Reaching Experiential Parity

The Medieval Magic project aims to provide an enriching field trip to Medieval Times for my 28 students and their families at a significantly subsidized rate, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility. This transcendent experience goes beyond a traditional outing, offering students a chance to broaden their horizons and create enduring memories with their families.

Many students face financial constraints that limit exposure to such enriching experiences, hindering participation in costly field trips or family outings. This initiative not only breaks down financial barriers but also destigmatizes perceived economic disparities within our community and educational context. It fosters equity, reinforcing the belief that every student, regardless of economic background, deserves access to transformative educational experiences. Beyond this, my students and their families will be given the significant opportunity to create core memories with each other, something that is not always possible due to financial barriers and circumstances of life.

The trip aligns with the Ontario Social Studies curriculum, integrating seamlessly with the overall and specific expectations (A1: Application, A2: Inquiry, A3: Context). Beyond academics, it has the potential to reshape students' perceptions of the educational system, instilling the belief that they are entitled to such experiences. This initiative seeks to empower students, fostering a positive shift in their outlook on education and affirming their rightful place in a diverse and inclusive educational landscape.

The lasting impact of this trip will resonate through the classroom, families, and the school community. Younger students will recognize the possibility of similar opportunities, contributing to a positive educational culture. Your support for this endeavor will significantly contribute to the realization of these transformative goals, leaving an indelible impact on the lives of the students and their families involved.

Funded by Kingston (March 2024)