Pandora's Box Grows Up

Pandora's Box-The Puppet Show has been performed in school classrooms, outdoor festivals, libraries, and senior's centres. This is one version of this puppet show, an intimate and interactive version, which is entertaining but lacks the "pizazz" of a live theatre experience. With the help of the Awesome Foundation, I would like to provide university technical theatre students with a theatre design project. This is a chance for theatre technicians to have hands-on experience on a highly inspiring and challenging theatre piece. Pandora's Box is a puppet show designed to be performed onstage. There is no "puppet theatre". I perform what I call "Shameless" puppetry, where the actor performs in front of the audience shamelessly. This is why this show would make such a great design project. There are unlimited lighting, sound and special effect opportunities in a show that deals with a tale as large as a Greek myth, performed with one actor and multiple puppets.

This is a excellent Awesome Foundation project because it comes at the final phase of this artistic enterprise. The show is already written, cast and well rehearsed. It is a fully professional show with a successful beginning, which now requires this final push to make it great.

Funded by Kitchener-Waterloo (October 2012)