Pedestrian Wanderlust

Pedestrian Wanderlust is a movement of improvised dance in public spaces aimed at creating a global community that celebrates freedom of expression and a diversity of people, places, and creative movement.

We have an ongoing video portrait series which has already featured over 300 dancers of all different ages, cultures, and walks of life. We have filmed in New York, Los Angeles, Wisconsin, Colorado, Florida, Puerto Rico, and Spain and wish to keep traveling and capturing more people dancing all over the world.

In our hometown of New York we host monthly dance jams in public parks where we gather live musicians and offer free dance classes for all levels.

Our newest series is the blind date duet series where we bring two people of different backgrounds together and have them improvise together and form a relationship through movement before ever exchanging a word.

It is our belief that everyone is a dancer and we wish to inspire people to get moving creatively and exploring their bodies in new ways while bringing people together.

AwesomeNYC is excited to be able to support Pedestrian Wanderlust's 2018 season of dance jams! Watch this video to learn more about the movement and some of their upcoming events.

Funded by New York City, NY (March 2018)