Pocket Lab

PocketLab is a family of wireless sensors, apps, and software for exploring the world and building science experiments plus easy-to-use sensor that enables you to gather information from the world. I believe anyone can be a scientist, and I believe science should be fun and engaging. It is a tiny device you can literally carry in your pocket packs an accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, barometer, and thermometer, all of which seamlessly and instantaneously feed your tablet or smartphone with measurement data. Anyone can start learning in seconds.
Now, whenever my students have questions like, “How high did we hike today?” or “What happens when I collide the matchbox cars?” or “How fast am I going on my skateboard?” or “What’s the temperature in the ice box, and how quickly is it changing?” I can actually give precise answers. Just stick PocketLab in the cooler, tape it to a skateboard, or a car, or yourself. The collected data is displayed in real time and is easily integrated with Excel and Google Docs. In addition, PocketLab facilitates users to share the results of their experiments, search other people’s experiments, curate the data, and make it available to inspire others.

Science Fair: You can measure acceleration and calculate impact forces on a helmet. You can synchronize the sensor data with video recorded from your phone or tablet.
Outdoor Exploration: You can go for a hike and collect temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure data using PocketLab Weather. With the PocketLab App, you can map the weather measurements to your geo-location.
Rocket Science: You can launch PocketLab Voyager in a rocket and measure the altitude, thrust, and trajectory of the rocket's flight path. If the rocket travels out of Bluetooth range, the data will be saved to the on-board memory.
Sports Science: Using the IR Rangefinder, you can measure the distance to object

Funded by Miami, FL (June 2017)