Building Closets for Title 1 Students

With this grant we can purchase the wood and materials it would take to build what we are calling "Closets of Hope." These closets would serve as a way for under resourced schools to provide clean clothes to students who lack. It would also serve as an encourager to students who disconnect from their lesson because of their attire.

As background, from May 3rd to August 1st, I wore one outfit. Yes! One outfit for 90 days to raise uniforms for kids that attend Title 1 schools who wear the same thing every single day because they lack resources in their closets at home. This #closetstrike journey started with my donating every single article of clothing I owed (only leaving myself one outfit). I did this to show the severity of kids who struggle with limited access to clean clothes. I blogged about it, used social media, and told the story of my journey. During the journey we raised over 200 uniforms, and now we are raising funds to build actual closets in the four Title 1 schools we are partnering with.

Here is a link to one of the videos

Funded by Atlanta, GA (September 2014)