Travis Park Lit Up!

A great public space is not only utilized during the day but is capable of reinventing itself in the night time to create a magical experience. The idea would be a plan to transform Travis Park to a wonder of light for a few days that will be the impetus for other downtown parks and ultimately Hemisfair Park.
Although the lights will make the park a wonder of lights and amazement. The ultimately goal is to welcome a new but exciting life time environment. This would include Pop-UP Happy Hours, traveling art exhibits and performances.

The lights would all be driven by a combination of Solar Power and other renewable technologies-detailing the importance and reliability of renewables in the park.

The main installation would include several Solar Light Trees that will not only serve as art/light source but include planters to enhance the park during the day.
These Solar Light Trees will be portable making it easily transported to other areas of the park.

The installation can be a two day event- one emphasizing adult participation the second can be geared towards family participation.

Funded by San Antonio, TX (May 2014)