Alamo Forest Partnership/SiClovia September 2014

AFP is best known for its annual “Jammin Jams Fruit Tree Adoptions” at the Pearl Farmers Market. This event is a public tree adoption event of 500-750 fruit and nut trees. Before an individual can adopt a tree they must first complete an education session to learn about the commitment of tree adoptions - proper placement, planting and maintenance. AFP is requesting $1000.00 from Awesome SA to expand its tree adoption event reach to the YMCA’s September 2014 SiClovia event. Síclovía is a free event that turns major city streets in to a safe place for people to exercise and play. Based on the previous four SiClovia events we expect over 65,000 participants. AFP has found this event to be a perfect opportunity to engage a large audience to learn the value trees bring to San Antonio and to take the pledge by adopting a tree. Each individual adopting a tree will be required to complete an education session on proper tree care. AFP with its matching funds of $1000.00 will commit to have at least 400 one-gallon trees adopted by San Antonio families.

Funded by San Antonio, TX (April 2014)