Fatherhood and Fades: Barbershop Talks

We're happy to announce that our January grant has been awarded to "Fatherhood and Fades: Barbershop Talks," a new initiative which celebrates the bond between fathers and children through engaging panel discussions and free haircuts for kids. This initiative is being organized by Cambria Heights, Queens-based BeingEgypt Cares which focuses on eradicating youth illiteracy and combating bullying. They partner with schools and organizations, providing reading materials and writing services to encourage innovative literacy exploration.

Children will be gifted with books at the event, promoting literacy and education and each participating barbershop receives a bookcase filled with children's books, turning these spaces into nurturing environments for learning and dialogue.

"Beyond promoting literacy, this event plays a crucial role in strengthening the relationship between fathers and children. Through engaging panel discussions on fatherhood, fathers not only bond with their kids but also find support among other men, sharing insights and experiences. This collective dialogue equips fathers with valuable guidance and fosters a supportive environment for effective parenting. Ultimately, it's not just about books and haircuts; it's about creating a community where literacy thrives, familial bonds strengthen, and fathers find the support they need in nurturing their children."

Their first event will be held on June 11th, 2024. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook or visit their website http://www.beingegypt.com for more information.

Funded by New York City, NY (January 2024)