Origami Vending Machine

Origami Vending Machine is a participatory site specific sculpture for people to get free origami to brighten their day. People can choose a paper of their choice and put it into the designated slot and select an origami model they want folded and after they push the button, the "ingenious" vending machine will fold the object and dispense it within 60 seconds. While the object is being folded, they can watch a stop motion animation of the origami being folded on the digital touch screen and receive fun and happy messages of encouragement and quotes while they wait.

Artist Sok Song writes: "I am an origami artist and have been teaching origami to the public for free and as workshops for the past 25 years. I started a meetup group for people of all ages to learn the joy of origami all over the city. This machine is my way of spreading that joy even further by providing a little moment of happiness to people to receive a free piece of origami."

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Funded by New York City, NY (December 2023)