Spectrum Voices - A 2SLGBTQ+ Choir

I am developing a 2SLGBTQ+ choir open to 2SLGBTQ+ and allied adults of the Kingston region. 2SLGBTQ+ choirs have been site to connect with similar-identity peers, build community, develop musical skills, and engage in political advocacy. Canada has seen rates of hate crimes rise in recent years, and I can think of no better response than gathering together to make something beautiful and share it with the world. Choirs are a great gathering place that is structured, non-sexual, and sober - making it a safe place to find community outside of gatherings at bars. Choral participation can also improve health equity, self-esteem, which is highly relevant as 2SLGBTQ+ Canadians are more likely to experience mental illness and healthcare discrimination. My hope is that we can be a safe haven for 2SLGBTQ+, questioning, and allied people to find solace and build a healthy and diverse community in a time of sociopolitical turmoil.

Funded by Kingston (September 2023)