Bluestone Court Coalition Mentorship Program

The Bluestone Court Coalition is committed to building educational excellence, social responsibility, community cohesion, athletic achievement, and violence prevention approaches through youth mentoring at public basketball courts in Euclid, OH. These specific courts located at Euclid Ave. and East 260th are in a historically underserved area of Euclid where less investment has happened in the past. It is important to the BCC to bring a focus and services to this area, and specifically the youth who reside in it.

A mentor will be present seven days a week, 4 hours per day during peak hours of use at the public basketball courts. Our mentors will build relationships and trust with youth players and may provide light coaching and ref duties to keep the games flowing in a fair and fun manner. Mentors will build youth participation into decisions regarding additional programming, community-building events, and potential design improvements at the basketball courts/park. For example: What improvements would youth like to see at the park (lighting? Drinking fountain?) What food should we have at events? Should we organize a tournament? Things like this. Mentors will perform community outreach to build participation.

Funded by Cleveland, OH (September 2022)