Here's To The Ladies Who - docuseries

The Broadway Women’s Alliance and YesAnd Productions have teamed up to produce Here's To The Ladies Who, a new docu-series that will tell the stories of the women working on the business side of Broadway (and beyond) with a focus on their journeys and the industry, and how they adapted and changed during the pandemic. Through interviews, first-hand accounts, on-site coverage, remote access, and self-submissions, this docu-series will be a visual celebration of women in theatre which can be watched and received as legacy and inspiration; as the beginning of a new path forward.

“Here’s to the Ladies Who” is a celebration of women who continue to overcome obstacles, paving a way as inspiration for future women. The themes highlighted throughout the series include overcoming challenges through adapting and pivoting, motherhood, race, professional relationships, and experiencing tough moments and how we collectively move forward.

The series will be a total of seven episodes, interweaving the stories of producers, general managers, press agents, advertising executives, facilities staff, theatre owners, and beyond. The series moves chronologically starting in October 2019 when Broadway was booming, through the industry-wide and global shutdown, and ending with the re-opening of shows in October 2021.

The series is set to premiere in March 2022, timed to Women’s History Month and the two-year mark of Broadway’s 18 month hiatus.

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Director Heather Arnson. Executive Producer Catherine Markowitz.

Funded by New York City, NY (January 2022)