The Horror Advocate

The Horror Advocate is a live reading and talk series that centers around the social impact of the horror genre. This live series was created to analyze horror movies from a social justice vantage point. These events will take place once a month starting in February 2021 and concluding December 2021. The goal of this live series is not only to create exposure for myself as a black female horror film archeologist/anthropologist, but also to build a new momentum around women and horror— women and film in general. So often horror is portrayed as something out of our reach and I want to show that not only are we meant to be in this conversation, but that we have an obligation to show up and talk about what we’re seeing and absorbing as cultural mirrors. I’m hoping people can be less afraid of what’s scripted and more afraid of what that script is trying to reveal to us about our real world. In short, it’s horror advocacy.

Horror films force us to acknowledge truths we would rather turn away from. I want to share that awakening with the people in my city and encourage new perspectives. One thing we all need and deserve right now is transparency — I think this reading series will be a great outlet for the community and myself.

Funded by Boston, MA (April 2021)