Not all who wander are lost

Written January 17, 2021 Updated/Submitted February 26, 2021

Dear Awesome Gloucester,

I am writing to you with an idea to honor the memories of those who have passed that, unfortunately, may have had little-to-no acknowledgement/ recognition because of their social status.

As a local nurse, I am struggling with the recent death of a client. He was so much more than his medical conditions. He was young, charming, cranky, intelligent, funny, talented, thoughtful, and alone. When I met him more than a year ago, he lived in a small room in a local rooming house. He would tell me this room was better living on the streets which is where he was for a time. I saw him three times a week. I was with him on the day he passed.

Since his passing I called the Funeral Home, and his estranged brother would/could not afford their services. My donation only went so far. I reached out to Melissa Hardman who was awarded an Awesome Gloucester to help the homeless get obituaries in the paper. Her funds have run down.
The passing of ones’ life deserves recognition and memory. Obituaries are not the only way to do this.

I am submitting this proposal to Awesome Gloucester to help me purchase a Perpetual Memorial Plaque with the first name and last initial of those who have passed.

If awarded the Awesome Gloucester monies, once purchased, I hope for the plaque to be hung at the Action Shelter, Library or Open Door. If this cannot be done, my backup plan is to purchase an engraved stone to be put somewhere in Gloucester in memory of those who have passed.
My client has been gone for over a month and has not had a service or obituary. This is the least I can do for him, my fellow human being.

Funded by Gloucester, MA (March 2021)