Seeing Hands

Our business is a new social business. our social goals are:
1/ To help the Visually Impaired make the proper living they deserve, by using the advantage they have with touch
2/To promote integration and equal treatment of the visually handicapped in the normative community
'seeing hands' offers short and regular massages in the workplace (Fully clothed and with minimal interruption of work day), That will improve your employee's effectiveness during the day. We employ blind masseurs who were trained at Wingate institiute.
Our business's profits will be directed to increase business in order to increase our social impact.
There's a lot of parties gain:
the state: that fewer people will need financial support.
For the blind pepole:to promote competence and self-esteem of the blind people
For our clients: your employees will improve their effectiveness through regular and proper maintenance of bodymaintenance of body
for our business: we'll be able to promote issues that are important to us and not rely on donations.

Funded by Tel Aviv - קרן בקטנה (November 2012)