Life in Society (חיים בקהילה)

Life within the community (חיים בקהילה) provides Be’er Sheva residents with first aid training – specifically CPR for children and adults.

The courses are held by 2nd and 3rd year medical students, and are composed of frontal lessons followed by practical training. The students are selected with the help of the department of social services of the municipality of Be’er Sheva.

The courses are free of charge, and any group interested may sign up for it.

Upon finishing both meetings, the trainees receive an official certificate, signed by the dean of the health faculty.

Main goals:
Promoting health within the community by teaching first aid – CPR, the Heimlich Maneuver, identification and treatment of MI.
Introducing Be’er Sheva to the group of Med students, in order to encourage them to stay in Southern Israel, and specifically in “Soroka” hospital.

Secondary goals:
Empowerment of the city citizens by their participation in courses within the university, at the end of which they receive official certificates signed by the dean of the health faculty.
Preservation of the Med students’ first aid skills.

All of our trainees work in facilities where they are in charge of other people – teachers in schools and kindergartens, students working in orphanages etc.

A summary of all of the important information from the course is handed out, in order for the trainees to follow along during the course and take home to review.

The students instructing in the project enjoy monthly recreational enrichment activities.

Funded by Tel Aviv - קרן בקטנה (October 2012)