Spinal Cord Injury Youth Awareness Project

Walk It Off Spinal Cord Wellness Centre provides an exercise-based recovery program and supportive environment for those who have sustained a SCI. We would like to expand our focus to educate the community on accident prevention. One of our goals is to develop a prevention program for our youth, who are unfortunately most at risk of SCIs (approx. 80% of all SCIs). Recently, 3 grade nine high school students took an interest in our organization and completed a school project on SCIs. They presented at their school assembly, with guest speakers from our organization. I was amazed by the effort they put in and genuine interest in this subject. I brought up the idea of applying to the Awesome Foundation to expand on their project and create a presentation for youth in the community. They were very excited to take on this project. Who better to educate our youth but their peers. These students would be able set up displays at community events and visit various youth groups: lifeguards, camp councilors, Scouts/Guides etc. and eventually deliver the program in schools during the school year. The presentation would include 1) information on SCIs: What SCIs are and statistics, how they are attained and what life is like with a SCI. 2) Basic dos and don'ts in an traumatic emergency 3) Prevention: Playing safe.

Funded by Newmarket (July 2012)