Terrain Biennial Newburgh

September 28th–November 17th, 2019

The Terrain Biennial enables residents to feature artists’ interventions in the conventional landscape of a home, challenging the space between public and private, decoration and function, figure and ground. Terrain expands the audience of an artwork and the function of a front yard, porch, entryway, or window; fosters dialogue between neighbors and visitors; offers the experience of discovery and surprise; increases access and visibility to art; and provides opportunities for artists and viewers to experience new perspectives.

The 2019 Biennial theme is to take stock of our landscape, the terrain that we occupy, the built environment, and the topology of our moment, reflecting upon the ways our environment changes us and how we change it.

Newburgh will participate as a satellite “cluster” of sites. The Biennial coincides with Newburgh Open Studios (NOS), a cultural and regional draw in its 9th year. Terrain Biennial is a program that was conceived by Sabina Ott and originated in Oak Park, IL.

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Funded by Newburgh, NY (August 2019)