Green Re-Action

My Awesome project is called Green Re-Action for a multitude of reasons:

  • Green, because my project is all for the environment. This world is the only one we got and we are treating it like crap.
  • Re-Action, because it is a reaction to shops like the Action, who sell cheap, badly produced, disposable products that pollute our planet.
  • Action stands for: We have to take action NOW! There is no time to waste!

Now, what is Green Re-Action exactly? Maybe you guessed it already...

Green Re-Action is the new lifestyle shop. In my shop you will find a diversity of non-food products. From bamboo earbuds to cloth diapers, from sustainable sanitary products to secondhand clothing, from wooden toys to rentable birthday boxes and from beeswax cloths to home decoration. My aim is to be just as diverse as the discount department stores but than fair, ecological and sustainable.

A bolt idea? O yes! But I didn’t say I wanted it as big as the existing stores, or I wanted to have it all from the start, but it is something I want to work towards to.

In the formula of my shop there are three terms at the core;

  • Reuse: I will offer a range of second hand and/or reusable products.
  • Reduce: next to reducing plastic waste it is also important to reduce our global footprint by choosing products that are as locally manufactured as possible.
  • Recycle: the last one in line, because to make something new from something old costs energy. But still it is a lot better than simply throwing stuff away and burning it. In my shop I like to breath live into old stuff, so there will be up-cycled furniture, clothing and dishcloths made from old towels for sale.

That is it for now. There is so much more to tell about my plans, but I think this is the main core. I like to finish with these words:


Funded by Almere (April 2019)