Annapolis, NS (Inactive)

This chapter is currently inactive. An inactive chapter is one that has not given a grant in six months. If you are interested in re-activating this chapter, you can learn more about getting started.

About Us

After three years of community giving, Awesome Annapolis has gone dormant while waiting for someone new to head the group. There's as much or as little work involve. It's all what you want to make it. Have a look at how other chapters organize and decide if you want monthly Pitch Nights or simply a quiet meeting of trustees. Or mix it up. It's all up to you. If you'd like more information on how to revive this group, please email

The generous trustees of the Annapolis area made the following projects possible with their donations from 2016 to 2019:

  1. Annapolis Pool Society’s purchase of the automatic pool cleaner
  2. Young Company Fall Theatre Series Free Workshops
  3. Annapolis River Guardians water quality testing
  4. Annapolis Royal Space Agency Space Probe Launch
  5. Art Heals Exhibit to support Mental Health Awareness
  6. Tartan Wave new business launch
  7. Come Play with US –Free day of Exploring Fibre Crafts
  8. Easter Eggstravaganza at Fort Anne
  9. AWEC Dance Marathon for IWK
  10. Summer 2017 Free Art Workshops & Art Club
  11. Bear River Community Ride
  12. Gleann na Gaeilge - Valley of Irish
  13. National Artist in Residency competition
  14. Publication of Annapolis Royal Photo Book
  15. Annapolis County Climbing Club
  16. That Garth Guy, Chef at Large
  17. Earth Day Shuttle
  18. Cartographme
  19. Umbrellas for Annapolis Royal
  20. French Tourism Booklet
  21. Rose Fortune - A biography
  22. St.George St. Virtual Time Machine
  23. Old Ways & Life Skills
  24. Mills Mountain Bakery
  25. Bert's Shirts

Meet the Trustees