SAYERS & DOERS Talk Series in Harlem, NYC

SAYERS & DOERS is a new cultural Talk Series in Harlem featuring experts - authors, artists, academics, adventurers, comics, musicians, journalists, bartenders, chefs and designers - who are passionate about their work. Designed to educate, entertain and inspire, four experts speak for up to 12 minutes each, to present an evening of conviviality, networking, and intellectual cabaret. Launched in June 2017, three installments have been held. Next up are April 16th and June 11th.

SAYERS & DOERS is rooted in a desire to build greater community, around good ideas, by promoting people whose passion projects - be it a book, film, research project, comedy bit, musical composition, cocktail recipe or work of architecture - would be conducive to sharing with a wider audience. As part of this, SAYERS & DOERS is deeply committed to diversity in terms of gender parity and color. We feature four or more timely, compelling speakers, centered around business, lifestyle and literary themes. Representing the best of local, national and international talent, past speakers have included National Book Award's winner Masha Gessen and finalist Min Jin Lee; film critic A.O. Scott of The New York Times, The Economist's Daniel Franklin, and emerging Harlem poet, Chloë Mitchell.

"I loved SAYERS & DOERS, and you did such an outstanding job of MAKING something wonderful for our community."
Min Jin Lee, novelist

Funded by Awesome Without Borders (June 2018)