Nomadic Keyboard Trike

I like to ride my Trike. It has an electric piano and some awesome secrets. I like to tickle the ivories while I pedal through the city. I get applause. I get glares. I get hordes of people asking questions and snapping my picture.

Trike is at an early stage but I have big dreams. In a time when sameness is invading our strange city, I want to show in a fun, creative way that SF hasn’t lost its soul or the random weirdness that makes it special. Trike upends the growing division between haves and have-nots by bringing live music to one and all.

In the past, I have been shut down by fog, my reach limited by hills and distances. With this grant, I will be able to escape the fog district and ride all over the city with my machine, to markets, Sunday Streets, parklets, cafés and riots.

I have lots of ideas for Trike. I’d love to set up at playgrounds in the Tenderloin, bringing music to children living in gritty surroundings. Maybe I’ll learn songs in different languages, using music to bridge cultural divides and reach out to people who are increasingly vilified by society at large. I fantasize about building a dedicated following for Trike and one day, creating a regular income from the project so I can to quit my jobs and play music full-time.

Funded by San Francisco, CA (March 2017)