Moms As Entrepreneurs Academy

Moms As Entrepreneurs Academy (MAE pronounced "Ma") is a grassroots community based organization whose mission is to provide aspiring entrepreneurial mothers with the resources needed to start or grow successful, profitable businesses with the intent to foster growth within their neighborhoods and reinvest back into Baltimore City communities. Moms As Entrepreneurs Academy provide an 8-week entrepreneurship training program to provide moms with resources in creating a microenterprise through hands-on training programs focusing on life, entrepreneurial & financial literacy skills; establish an evidenced based model through documenting the journey of the entrepreneurship academy participants to use it as a coaching tool for other moms and; and partner with financial institutions and other lenders to identify funding resources for participants to access the equity necessary to start up small businesses.

We select 20 moms in each cohort. The MAE team developed our curriculum which covers the mindset of starting a business to actually launching the business.

At the end of the 8 weeks the participants in the academy launch their businesses at an expo hosted by Moms As Entrepreneurs. During this time the MAEs (moms who attend the academy) have a chance to display their products and services to their friends, family and community organizations and leaders. A team of judges visit each MAE display and talk to the moms. Two moms are chosen by the judges and provided with startup funding for their businesses.

Since the start of the academy in April 2016 we have launched 11 mom owned businesses in Baltimore City and is currently working on launch 12 more mom owned businesses in our current cohort.

Funded by Baltimore, MD (October 2016)