Virtual Reality Painting Station


My awesome project incorporates a virtual reality painting station for the public to use during our gallery showings! We have a mobile gallery that has done shows from California to Nevada, this month we will have shows in San Jose and end in Oregon, yet most of our shows are based in San Jose, we have continuously participate in First Fridays and SubZERO festivals for years. Our exhibitions feature art from emerging artist as well as offering a platform for theater and performances. We offer listening stations and a coloring decompression area for adults and children. We would love to incorporate a VR painting station into our gallery for the public to experience the awesomeness of virtual reality! But not just any old VR will do, we want to use VR with tactile response and a program that enables users to paint in 3D!

Our virtual reality painting station would be like a listening station but outfitted with VR gear that is easy and intuitive to use. Once the gear is slipped on, a person is inside a virtual reality world with a set of brushes, tools, colors, and textures that can be used to create anything that person can think of. Imagine it like a blend of sculpting and painting in thin air, that's the type of wonder we want people in San Jose to experience!

Yes, we want our gallery to feature a 3D Virtual Reality painting Station in order to explore new realms of creativity in three dimensions! it will be the first of its kind in San Jose available to the public. Imagine walking onto the hard wood floors of our gallery, then sliding on the 3D gear and having the ability to paint the space around you, the power to literally paint a cloud above you, the ground below you, and what ever your heart desires in front of you! This is the goal of our project, it will add to the experience of our mobile gallery and be enjoyed by thousands! With your help, we can make the joy of painting in virtual reality a reality!

Thank you for your support.

Funded by San Jose, CA (July 2016)