Cypher CURE

We are a small group of hip-hop artists and mentors from diverse backgrounds who have been building a non-profit organization called Cypher CURE. We utilize hip-hop culture as a way to connect with the younger generation (aged 12 - 21) and provide a safe environment for self-expression, guidance / mentorship and recognition of each individual's gift, in a supportive community environment. The circle is called the "cypher", a term that was coined in NYC, with the emergence of hip-hop culture, based on the number 0, which represents completion in supreme mathematics. At Cypher CURE we consider the circle a sacred container based on the principles of equality and respect. "CURE" is an acronym for "Creative Unity of Related Energy." We believe the younger generation already has the consciousness, imagination and creativity that can help create solutions in the world and it’s our job to help awaken their innate genius in a supportive community environment and offer guidance based on our experience.

Over the past 5 months we have been meeting consistently with youth for cyphering, workshops and discussion sessions. The initial stages of this organization have been an organic culture-building process, connected with the youth, asking them what they're interested in. We invite you to view this video for a glimpse into the cypher:

Our first public showcase is going to be May 28th where youth will share their skills for the community. Our vision is to offer:
- Ongoing workshops (at least 2 a month)
- A monthly showcase
- meet with an elders circle (at least once every 3 months) to clarify vision and guidance

Moving forward, we’d like to:
- attain a space for youth to record / produce music consistently
- embark on nature excursions (at least once every 3 months)

Cypher CURE is currently registered as a non-profit, without 501C-3 status. We are in the process of partnering MyVoice Music as a fiscal sponsor to seek grant funding.

Funded by Portland, OR (June 2016)