Nonsense Festival

Nonsense Festival is an outdoor, interactive arts festival for children and families taking place in Belair National Park, South Australia on the 15th October 2016. It is an enchanting place where art, music and literature are entwined in a marvelous landscape. You will never know what is behind the next tree – music, theatre, circus, dance, workshops and installations! Children and their families will be surrounded by ways to explore and unleash their creativity. Families will delight in this spellbinding one-day festival.

This is Nonsense's inaugural festival. Creative Producer Georgi Paech has worked on many festivals within South Australia and overseas, and found that there is a gap within the festival landscape of Adelaide of events for children, particularly ones that engage their creativity and their senses in and outdoor environment.

Nonsense Festival will engage between 40 to 50 local artists, performers and arts organisations to create a magical place for children to explore and engage with.

Nonsense Festival also has a strong ethos regarding sustainability, and plans to create a sustainable festival. For example, 90% of Nonsense's design is being sourced from recycled or repurposed materials.

A child’s imagination is a powerful thing, and they can bring amazing and mindboggling ideas to the arts. Nonsense aims to not only provide children with high quality performers and artists, but an environment that allows children to unleash their imaginations. Nonsense aims to give children a safe place to run wild, skip, jump and climb, with unbridled curiosity. The festival
will provide moments of wonder and excitement that stay with children long after the Festival.

Funded by Adelaide (August 2016)