VISM strives to foster a sustainable culture of service and social responsibility in university students by connecting them to skill-based volunteering opportunities with nonprofits. Students develop their professional skills and talents through real world application, while nonprofits gain access to high-achieving talent and increase their capacity for social impact. VISM creates a movement in which university students are able to take charge of their personal and professional growth while nonprofits thrive off the passion of skill-based student volunteers.

VISM would be the first online platform leading the movement of skill-based volunteering for university students.

How it works (basic):
Nonprofits post skill-based projects, students apply to projects aligned with their values/skills they desire to develop/have. Both parties agree to work on the project together. More good done (more efficiently and effectively) in the world!

VISM focuses on:
1. instilling a long-term commitment to service in university students
2. develop young professionals for future success
3. increasing the capacity and effectiveness of nonprofits so they can grow

Student benefits: connect with nonprofits that share their values, develop self-efficacy and professional skills, take control of their learning

Nonprofit benefits: save resources, discover new talent and build relationships with students/ universities, share their cause with masses

We are currently a team of 6 university students. Vism has been invited twice to the Clinton Global Initiative University (2015,2016). Established in 2005 by President Bill Clinton, CGI U is an annual conference that brings together university student leaders together to make a social impact on their campuses, communities, and world. Student leaders are selected for their innovative Commitments to Action.

Funded by Awesome Without Borders (April 2016)