Bahia Project

As an artist I have made it my duty and mission to draw attention to various issues around the world that are crucial to me; humanitarian causes, women's right, sexual equality, freedom of expression, injustices in general. I highlight everyday objects and give them a new, profound meaning by dressing them in colorful, intricate crochet. With every piece I create I aim to display my solidarity with those stifled by oppressive laws worldwide, I hope to trigger dialogue as well as encourage a deeper awareness of people's everyday struggles. The broad appeal of my work invariably sparks second thought, discussion, even awe, by being accessible and playful.
Here in Bahia, I did not want to crochet. I started working here with fuxicos. It is a traditional sewing technique dating back at least 150 years, made from scraps of fabric that would normally go to waste.
I believe that with my work here on Itaparica Island I will be able to bring attention to this craft by transforming a gigantic public sculpture, covering it with fuxicos, and thus empowering many women here and elsewhere around the world. It is important to pay these local artisans for their work. This is why I need your help.
In Salvador, in front of the Mercado Modelo, there is a sculpture by Mario Cravo. I was staring at it for a while. Then magically I met Franscisco Senna, who became my angel for this project. He opened many doors for me and connected me with Mario Cravo who is 92 years old. This important Brazilian sculptor, poet and cultural icon blessed my idea and gave me his permission to work with his piece.
Franscisco and Mario introduced me to Fernando Guerreiro from the Fundacao Gregorio de Mattos (The organization that commissioned Mario's sculpture), he quickly agreed to join our team.
I hired a local producer who speaks both English and Portuguese. I also have a team of women prepared to start this huge production.

Funded by Awesome Without Borders (March 2016)