Tactile Workshop : Transformable Pavilion

Our City: Raleigh is a two-day celebration of new public design projects produced in conjunction with the Hopscotch Design Festival. Over the course of the event, thousands of Raleighites, visitors, and civic innovators will experience and respond to the installations - with the goal of inspiring more permanent work that reimagines the future of the city's downtown.

Our City staff have supported three teams of local artists and designers in creating new public design projects that respond to local needs.

One of those teams, Tactile Workshop, built the Transformable Pavilion (a transformable pavilion structure that is modular and flexible) with the grant from Awesome Raleigh. Its potential is to show individuals how our built environment can be more dynamic, and how they themselves have the capacity to choose the possibilities.

It will be on public display outside CAM Raleigh for the duration of both Hopscotch Festivals. The installation will engage residents in the idea of directly shaping the future of their city.

Funded by Raleigh, NC (September 2015)