The Living Gate

The Botanical Gardens in Yerevan is one of the most unjustly underliked spots in the city. It’s the largest park and a depository of the amazing diversity of Armenian flora (1800 species). Now the park is foremost a selfie-spot for the newly-weds.
Our team of city-romantics proposes to revive the popularity of the Gardens. The strategy will start with an opening of a Northern Gate for the visitors. The Gate would allow access to the growing community of the “University Condominium”, which by the end of 2015, will be populated by 1,250 families of scientists, lecturers, members of creative unions, and other young specialists.
Our pilot cooperation with the park has resulted in an inflow of new visitors, who ensure at least 150000 AMD monthly income for the park, with a suggested season tickets at 2000 dram monthly fee. But our residents have to walk 2km to the main entrance gate on the highway to access the Gardens, which is often blocked for weddings and official ceremonies.
Our negotiations with the park managements have resulted in an agreement to open up a new Gate for residents of Avan, Masiv and Zeytun communities on the Tsarav Aghbyur side. Easy to access, friendly to families, this access will bring a new life to the Garden.
Our community is also committed to volunteer for the garden, by initiated festivals, concerts, crowdfunding campaigns and just musing the park management for new ideas.

Funded by Yerevan (June 2015)