Fungus Among Us

March’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Scott Perrie, to support a wild mushroom “easter egg hunt.” He plans to call the project Fungus Among Us.

“I will inoculate recently dead trees and tree stumps with edible oyster, hen of the wood, and lions mane mushroom plug spawn across Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley, and record the locations,” explains Scott. “Then I will report on these locations through social media as the mushrooms grow.”

“Hopefully,” says Scott, “this project will have people think about their landscape differently, and about how they can use the space around them to create food. Many inoculated logs can grow mushrooms for a few years,” he adds, “so this project is one that will keep on giving!”

Scott is a new father and husband, a sociologist, and a wild food forager in the Ottawa Valley. He reports on mushrooms and wild edibles at and as @valleyedibles.

Funded by Ottawa (March 2015)