Snack Smart

Snack Smart is an after-school program that teaches kids how to make healthy snacks with what’s available in their neighborhood.
In this multicultural city, unfortunately we don’t have a health food store right around the corner from every school or home - but we do have some great ingredients!
We understand that sometimes out of convenience mom and dad buy that big box of variety chips at Costco, and that makes an easy snack a day...
Snack Smart’s goal is to have kids learn through experience so that they can take this practice back home where will be teaching THEIR parents to eat outside the box!
With a variety of ingredients that we purchase from the school’s surroundings, Snack Smart will have kids thinking outside the box to create snacks like apple sandwiches, banana sushi and energy bites!
We won't be telling them to NOT eat certain foods, we will simply be shining light on CHOICES!
Through 'Kids teaching Kids’, our online recipe and experience channel, students from all districts will be sharing their recipes and the cool ingredients available in their neighborhoods!

Funded by Miami, FL (October 2014)