Humans of San Antonio

The Humans of San Antonio Project (HOSA) is a documentary blog that shares visual images along with a short written phrase that is focused on revealing the real life diversity and individuality of our city, and the hidden beauties in between. HOSA thrives on social media that acts like a "digital water cooler", where discussions and healthy debate take place on unique topics that affect our daily lives and experiences. HOSA is evolving, and we inspire to turn HOSA into a platform where citizens can voice their opinions and address social issues in their communities to the public without having to compromise their daily routines. What is great about HOSA is that it has the ability to capture our city perspective as it evolves from a street level point of view on a daily basis. The ultimate goal of this project is to enhance and diversify our downtown community through photojournalism and with the help of our city organizations.

Funded by San Antonio, TX (July 2014)