3B Brae's Brown Bags

I'm 10 years old now, but I began what is now a public charity when I was 9 years old last July 2013. The charity is called 3B Brae’s Brown Bags and the mission is to help provide homeless and low-income people within our community by giving them “to-go” bags which provide them with clean water, healthy snacks, a message from me and a list of contact information to services who can provide them with further assistance.

As of this date I have packed and delivered over 1,200 brown bags. Sometimes I can't hand the bags to people directly, like when I deliver to school districts with students in need, but when I can hand them to people I like doing that because I like meeting people and talking to them. I have learned sometimes people need a little bit extra, too. So I made a kid bag which always includes a book. A work force bag which always includes toiletry items and a winter bag which includes gloves, scarves and/or hand warmers. The three specialty bags still include the original items, too.

I have gotten other groups involved, too. The Delaware Collegiate 4-H, UD Food Science Club and Delaware Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega have hosted bag packing events for me. There have also been two girl scout troops who have helped me get donations of toiletry items and healthy snacks. I have been invited to talk to groups about what I have been doing and help to raise awareness.

Earlier this month I was invited to legislative hall and given the privilege to go to the floor and speak. I let senators and house representatives know my ideas for helping people with food insecurity, I also let them know about Brae's Brown Bags. They gave me a standing ovation. I explained that we need to stop ignoring people. I explained many people are in a hurry and need to slow down and offer compassion.

Brae's Brown Bags offer nourishment and when you put food in the mouth of someone in need you also put hope in their heart.

Funded by Philadelphia, PA (June 2014)