Hella Flowers

Seeding revolution one wildflower at a time.

I live in Oakland near 98th and International / E14. About a year ago we got a high speed bus line which runs down the middle of the international. . The ‘landscaping’ around the bus stops is depressing. It is a rock surface with one or two trees.

We all know that green spaces are vital, color is inspiring, and flowers bring joy. I would like to bring some of that good energy to Hella Deep East Oakland.

The main population in this area are low income, people of color. There is no coincidence that the sad landscaping was chosen for here. We deserve better, we deserve beauty, and the pollinators need more food. So let’s fill the hood with flowers.

Wildflowers won’t fix systemic racism or capitalism, but they definitely can make a person’s day better, and mental health matters.

Funded by San Francisco, CA (July 2024)