Art On Barton

A group of muralists will transform the interior (and possibly exterior) of a small, recently vacated house on Barton St in Toronto that's awaiting demolition and redevelopment. Each room will become an immersive mural installation created by a different artist or team of artists. The artists will spend June and July painting, and in August they will open up the house for the public to enjoy!

The developers love the idea and it has strong support from the nearby community, with the Awesome Foundation supporting the costs of materials.

There is a core group of five artists/planners who are organizing the project: Stephanie Avery, Jieun Kim, Jenneen Beattie, Tara Dorey, and Andre Kan. With their network of muralists, they'll fill the house with amazing art from some of the city's most established muralists as well as creating opportunities for emerging muralists to add to their portfolios (a challenge when working with such a large-scale medium).

Follow along: @artonbarton

Funded by Toronto (May 2024)