Text for Help - Newcomer Help Line

We have recently received so many requests for help from newcomers in the Kenyan community in Toronto. These requests range from information about where to get used furniture or where to buy ethnic foods to what bus to take to get to a particular location. However, sometimes the requests are more urgent and serious such as someone needing urgent help and needs to be connected to emergency services.

Newcomers are sometimes scared to reach out to government services or other formal sectors either because they don't know how to reach them or because they don't fell empowered to do so. It would be nice if there was a dedicated phone number that they could call or text and someone would be able to respond to them especially in cases where it is urgent!

This project, run by the not-for profit Kenyan Community in Ontario, will set up a number for newly arrived people to text, connecting them with a group of 6 volunteers have signed up to take turns responding to the texts to help newcomers feel supported.

Funded by Toronto (April 2024)