Lil Lawyas: Summer Camp

Lil Lawyas: Summer Camp is an eight week program where students will develop their legal writing, research, and advocacy skills to prepare for their coming legal careers. Each month, students will be assigned one case, a criminal case in June and a civil case in July, where they will perform the duties of legal counsel. Students will be separated into two teams, for the criminal case, it will be prosecution and defense, and for the civil case, it will be plaintiff and defendant. Students will have the option of choosing to participate as a legal researcher, conducting extensive research on the legal elements of the matter, or participate as presenting counsel who will prepare arguments and appear as counsel for their client. Furthermore, each student will prepare one article each month on a topic of their choosing that will be published in our new Lil Lawyas Newsletter to bring awareness to current events happening in our community and the world.

Funded by Newburgh, NY (May 2024)