Cubscouts Georgetown Pack 50 Trailer Repair

An early January snow storm brought heavy snow to Georgetown, as it turns out one of our only large snows. To our dismay this storm also caused a large pine tree to fall on top of our enclosed scout trailer that was parked on the Erie 4 Fire Hall property. The frame of the trailer is bent, making it un-towable at the moment. The cab was crushed in on one side and punctured in four places from the limbs of the tree so it is no longer weather tight and has been filling with water. We are uncertain how much the repairs will cost the pack but we are going to need some help. This trailer provides the Pack with the ability to transport food, gear and other supplies to events and camp outs. We would like to fix the trailer and make it road worthy and water tight once again.

Funded by Georgetown, MA (June 2024)