WeBike Camping Trips

My organization (The Street Trust) created WeBike, a program that provides community bonding and learning opportunities, to inspire FTW people (femme, trans, women) to incorporate a bike into their lives. WeBike events are for anyone who does not benefit from cis male privilege, including trans men, trans women, cis women, agender, gender queer, gender fluid, gender nonconforming, and Two Spirit people.

These opportunities range from short bike rides within Portland to longer excursions to Washington and Clackamas County, knowledge-sharing events and lectures, bike safety and repair clinics, and multimodal bike/bus rides for folks living on low incomes. A year ago we developed a class on how to camp by bike and it was so popular that we quickly organized our first bike camping trip, which was its own massive success. Our bike camping trips have since led to new lasting friends, confidence to be more independent in all aspects of life, and one romantic relationship!

Going from the urban city to forest bathing via pedaling is a life changing, creative experience. Unfortunately right now this critical program operates on a tiny budget, and bike camping is too expensive for some of our enthusiastic WeBikers to join in the fun. Helping The Street Trust pay for food, refreshments, campsite fees, and camping equipment to ensure that all of our WeBikers can join in on this transformational experience would be an incredible service to Portland’s FTW community.

Check out this video OPB made about one of my bike camping trips to learn more about what WeBikers experience: https://youtu.be/06rUj0-Gljk.

Funded by Portland, OR (January 2024)