Rydell Foundation Showcase

This grant will support the upcoming collaborative art exhibition titled "Selections: Rydell Visual Arts Fellows 2006-2021," hosted at M.K.Contemporary Art Gallery in downtown Santa Cruz. This event is a partnership between the Museum of Art and History (MAH), MK Contemporary Art, and the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County which oversees the Rydell Visual Arts Program.

The Rydell Visual Arts Program awards $20,000 every two years to four Santa Cruz County artists. Entering its 14th year, the scope and breath of these artists, past and present, represents the vast richness of our art community. MK Contemporary Art will host the exhibit of past Rydell Award recipients, while the MAH will showcase the current award winners. This collaborative exhibition will take place from January 27 to March 24, 2024.

Funded by Santa Cruz, CA (January 2024)