Unseen Faces of Santa Cruz

Abram Katz's awesome project involves photographing the 'unseen.' So often in our society, there is not enough light shown on the marginalized communities. So many of us go unnoticed, unappreciated, misunderstood. This project seeks to showcase the beauty and strength held within each one of us. I will be capturing professional quality photographs of recently housed participants at Housing Matters in Santa Cruz, CA. This will have massive short and long-term community impact as I am partnering with a robust, community service-based organization who, like me, seeks to shift societal norms at a base level. The final art piece will be a tabletop reader of poignant photos and stories of trials and triumphs related to homelessness, as well as an epic art show of hand painted self-portraits derived from my photos, accompanied by several printed photos themselves, all themed around the concept of compassion, dignity, and community awareness. This project aims to truly uplift and inspire, encourage and empower the Santa Cruz community. Funding will be used to print high quality photos.

Funded by Santa Cruz, CA (December 2023)