Holiday Magic Workshop

Our awesome project will take place at Arte del Corazon’s annual Holiday Mercado on December 16th. The project includes multiple mini art workshops that highlight different cultural traditions practiced in Watsonville during the holidays. Artists and local educators Jessica Carrasco and Monica Galvan will create a curriculum that accurately represents this traditional rite, including background and templates for future community use. Workshops include a Reyes Magos lantern (Latin American), a Filipino Christmas Parol (star), and a Japanese Omamori (good luck pouch) for the New Year. Documentation of the workshop will include videography and photography of each workshop, as well as a comprehensive Workshop Packet to upload to the Arte del Corazon website and share. Our goal with this project is representation and for our audience to celebrate diversity. Funding will be used to purchase supplies and document the workshops.

Funded by Santa Cruz, CA (December 2023)