Chicago Circle Singing

Chicago Circle Singing is a community gathering for improvisational singing and spontaneous song. Based on performance practices championed by Bobby McFerrin and Rhiannon, circle singing brings anyone and everyone with a desire to use their voice into the experience of collective, improvised singing. .

Participants need no special skill or ability and the songs created can be sung by anyone, from any background. Even those who might not share a common language.

It is a powerful experience that capitalizes the magic that is singing in community through the framework of improvisation.

Chicago Circle Singing was launched by Davin Youngs in 2015 and was previously hosted at his space in the Fine Arts Building of Chicago.

The desire is to keep this gathering happening about six to eight times a year and have it be absolutely free to participate in. With circle singing, the experience is better the more people who attend, so the intention is to keep growing the community.

This grant will allow that to happen into 2024, at Grace Place in the South Loop of Chicago

Funded by Chicago, IL (November 2023)