Many Extra Only More

Many Extra Only More is a massive-scale, site specific dance project for 40 dancers, framed by 40 windows, plus a handful of tricked out storage units, at Extra Space Storage Facility in Brookland, DC. It is a communal holler, shout, and shake it all about that will fill an openopen glass facade with quirky-luscious, exuberant dance, before spilling out onto the street with infectious “dip me, twirl me” energy that invites appointment viewers and passersby to cut themselves a rug and a piece of some happy pie.

Research questions for the project include:
How does large scale synchronicity contribute to collective joy?
How do we engage with facade, window treatment, locks, and temperate isolation via storage units and on-display windows?
What are the expected and unexpected stowaways in the things we pack away - in industrial storage units, or the little chambers of our heart?
How do we repurpose empty space, or make something from nothing?

The work promises a joyous, good time with my dance company Heart Stück Bernie's classic tug of heartstrings, audience engagement, and penchant for surprises along the way.

Aside from the firework of a live dance performance, this project is ultimately about the three-month rehearsal process - meant as a weekly gathering place and action for DC's dance community this side of the pandemic. I am centering community-engaged practices to nurture, enthrall, and create opportunities for [renewed] connection. (Many DC dancers haven’t had an opportunity to perform since before the pandemic, and many of our recent college grads transitioned into our community during a time of low opportunity/employment.) Bringing so many dancers together with a robust production and design team means this project is meant as a supportive hug, and also as a launch pad for future creative relationships.

Funded by Washington, DC (May 2023)