Tarpouline Sheets for Jaatikara Community Families

There is a special Jaatikara an ethnic community of People in Ranipet district living in Oocheri - Karivedu Village. They are called as Jattikara Community who hail from the hilltop. Their main profession is to beat themselves with the WIP(Jaati) in the bus stands, market places and wherever people gather in large numbers to showcase the demonstration to people by raising the children on the Pole top (10 to 15ft) height, make a walk on the string tied between two poles without any support. These community people are now living /roaming on the plains since they moved down from the hilltop for livelihood reasons. 30 Families have set up a camp near Ranipet at Karivedu village for more than 2 years. They are lacking a proper house. So, they have made a camp out of their old sarees/dhoties and coconut leaves which is neither saving them from getting wet during the rains nor providing shadow during the sunshine. So We will provide

Funded by Homelessness (May 2023)