2023 Sports Kidz AZ Outreach Basketball Camp

We feel there is a need in our community of Greater Phoenix, AZ for more outreach youth programs, especially during the Summer when kids aren’t in school and the childcare burden on their families is greater. Specifically, we desire to reach families who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to participate in a program such as this due to financial constraints.

We have a full outline prepared for camp, which will include working on skills and game play, character discussion times, free lunch, and motivational speakers each day.

The primary objective of this outreach basketball camp is to provide a fun basketball camp experience for kids whose families otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford this type of experience. We also hope to connect with these kids through athletics, to give them perspective that working hard can produce success - both physically within the confines of a sport and hypothetically within the context of life. Our greatest limitations are usually related to motivation and confidence, and athletics can provide both of those characteristics. Our hope for our outreach programs is that we play a positive role in helping children to be able to break the cycle of financial burden/poverty.

Funded by Homelessness (May 2023)