Holy City Birding Conservation Youth Program

The Holy City Birding Conservation program will promote bird conservation through education and experience at local schools. The program will teach youth about local bird species and their habitat. An interactive presentation will show students how to find, identify and experience local birds. The program will supply tools for students to experience and learn about birds on school grounds, at home and at local parks.
1) Provide a bird feeding station and bird seed on school grounds.
2) Teach students about local birds with an interactive presentation including pictures, videos, and sounds.
3) Provide students with a take home bird feeder attachment that they can attach to any plastic bottle. This will allow students to experience birds at home and recycle plastic bottles.
4) Provide a take home bird finding game that includes pictures and brief clues about local birds to encourage students to find birds in their backyard or local park.

Funded by Awesome Without Borders (June 2023)