The Flight of the Quirky Owl

I'm working on a series of short stop-frame animated movies about adventures of a small crochet owl. This will be a continuation of the style and story I developed in experimental game "Odgłos", where the owl played the main character, travelling through the multiverse along many peculiar objects that were brought to life to play part in quirky musical puzzles. Now I’d like to try simpler stories through a different medium that’ll be more accessible to wider audience.

This time the eccentric owl is going to visit a surreal world, full of shapeshifting furniture and other weird creatures. I’m developing the miniature furniture as mechanical toys - automatons, that will come alive, have personality, feelings, needs, and go on adventures, despite their designed function. I’m also making puppets of animals and otherwordly creatures that may play part in some episodes. The stories will be loosely connected by our curious owl, all happening in the same odd universe.

Imagine a mysterious, flying piano, that composes magical music that heals owl’s wild friends, bringing hope to the depressed owl. Or when she finds a solitary chair in the middle of snow-covered world, that protects from the winter a miniature universe full of blooming grasses and crazy creatures. I find that bringing out soul in everyday objects makes people more empathetic and connected to the life around them.

I want it to have relaxing atmosphere, inspired by ASMR movies, which were proven to help with anxiety, depression and loneliness. I may use my piano compositions as well.

Stories will be playful and heartwarming. They’ll bring hope to all these misunderstood, sensitive misfits that feel they don’t belong in this harsh world. They will feel understood, and learn to see magic in ordinary objects. The movies will teach about acceptance of diversity, and about helping others, especially nature and animals.

I am currently working on scenography for the first movie and plan to shoot test scenes soon.

Funded by Awesome Without Borders (May 2023)