786 Film Festival

The 786 Film Festival aims to amplify emerging local filmmakers and build new opportunities for them by connecting them with sponsors, providing resources, and empowering their craft. The name itself is inspired by the 786 phone code which was created after all 305 phone numbers were occupied. Thus, the 786 code in the title of this festival represents a new generation of artists and filmmakers that are trying to make a career out of their craft. With this event we hope to create a unique space for locals of all levels of accomplishment to showcase their work publicly and be recognized for future opportunities. Public displays are not as common of an opportunity for video format creators as it is for other visual arts mediums. There is also a greater barrier for entry within the film industry than other creative industries because of the difficulty to get new eyes on your work and greater need for funding. Not only do we want our finalists to feel recognized, but we want to forge transformative career development opportunities by partnering with other community figures to build their connections and resources.

Funded by Miami, FL (April 2023)